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Physical Therapy and Rehab Services for Our Residents

When a resident becomes a part of our loving community at Assisted Living By Theresa in Gurnee, IL, we take the time to understand their unique needs and concerns thoroughly. We go the extra mile to determine if physical therapy or rehab services are necessary to ensure their well-being. Our compassionate professionals provide these programs on-site and are fully dedicated to helping your loved one improve their physical function and reclaim their independence.

Benefits of Our Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy offers a multitude of benefits that deeply impact the lives of our residents. Whether an individual is recovering from a surgical procedure or managing a chronic condition, targeting specific areas of the body works to empower our residents to regain their inner strength. Benefits include:

Enhanced Mobility and Physical Function

Regular physical therapy sessions help residents regain strength and mobility, allowing them to navigate their surroundings more easily.

Pain Management

Physical therapy can offer effective strategies for managing chronic pain, ultimately improving the residents' overall quality of life.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Rehab services often incorporate balance exercises to help prevent falls and related injuries.

Personalized Care

A skilled physical therapist can tailor treatment plans to meet each resident's unique needs.

Boosted Confidence

As physical capabilities improve, residents often experience a rise in self-confidence and independence.

Prevention of Muscle Atrophy

Regular physical stimulation through therapy helps prevent the deterioration of muscles often associated with age and inactivity.

Increased Social Interaction

Regular interaction with therapists and other residents during therapy sessions can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Personalized Rehab Programs

Our unwavering commitment to individualized care sets Assisted Living By Theresa apart from other organizations. We understand each resident is unique, and our dedicated team of professionals tailors their approach to meet the specific needs of every patient. Pain can be a constant hurdle for many individuals, but through the diligent practice of physical therapy, our residents can effectively reduce and manage their discomfort and limited mobility. We’re consistently working to improve our residents’ well-being and happiness.

Our Values

  • Private Luxurious Home Setting
  • In House Doctor Visits
  • Registered Nurse on Staff
  • Three Home Made Meals a Day + Snacks
  • Laundry Service
  • Assistance with Daily Living
  • Spacious, Wheelchair Accessible Rooms
  • Private Pay at Reasonable Rates
  • Daily Activities for Residents
  • In-House Beautician Visits

Our Values


Private Luxurious Home Setting


In-House Doctor Visits


Registered Nurse on Staff


Three Home Made Meals a Day + Snacks


Laundry Services


Assistance with Daily Living


Spacious, Wheelchair Accessible Rooms


Private Pay at Reasonable Rates


Daily Activities for Residents


In-House Beautician Visits

We Treat Our Residents With the Utmost Respect